“Exponents of Natural Propulsion” That’s what we like to think anyway. This is a place to document our collective adventures, a visual and verbal journal of sorts. We are lucky enough to have contributors from different sports, view points, locations and media. All of whom have an affinity for the subversive and creative cultures our chosen disciplines encourage.

The idea was spawned after coming to the realisation that a lot of fun and interesting things happen around us everyday, whether its a trip to your local skatepark, finding a hill to ride down or a journey to another continent in search of waves. Our respective sports and interests lead us to not only view our surroundings in a certain way, but to use them for play. This is not an extreme sports blog, but a documentation of the journeys those sports or activities take us on. Our extended circle of friends have the drive to chase what they enjoy, whenever the opportunity arises. Despite us all paying lip service to “the man”, the thing that keeps us all fired up is the ability to leave your comfort zone, go on an adventure, share a new experience or finally achieve something you have been pouring your blood, sweat and tears into.

We hope you enjoy what you see and it inspires you to get the most fun and fulfillment out of what is around us.

Party on Wayne.