Shaky Skate and Grainy Sand: A Sort of Summer Holiday captured by the LC-A and Lomokino from Neon Stash on Vimeo.

In Hannah’s desperation to remember what the sun felt like, she went on a search for a last-minute ‘cheap winter sun holiday’. So, a few days in Corralejo, Fuerteventura were booked and little did she know of the ‘fun-adventure-a’ it was to provide.

From dodging the authorities on the newly paved streets, palm tree lined pavements taking you to the beach, to the bars, to the skatepark in re-claimed derelict land. Everything can be viewed as fun-inducing terrain – especially an abandoned mini-golf course! Throw in some ice creams and you’ve got a perfect alternative skate adventure holiday and we’re stoked to have some of the footage on the site!

Photos thanks to Hannah Bailey – Neon Stash

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  1. Dan Jesse
    May 21, 2013

    Awesome photos and a good write up! Makes me wanna go do nothing in some adventurous place!


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