Contrary to what news reports and general transport havoc may often suggest, snow persevering for any length of time in central London is a rarity. So, when a modest layer blanketed London this past January and hadn’t turned to a slushy mess in a matter of hours, we jumped at the chance for some ‘urban’ snowboarding.

The car was swiftly roof-racked, the shovels and snowboards gathered, loaded up and we set off to the iconic slopes of Alexandra Palace – a far cry from Alpine resorts offering kilometre upon kilometre of rideable terrain but a place with massive potential for fun nonetheless.

There we joined countless other families, kids and adults who had also decided to come and enjoy the snow and managed to attract a sizeable cohort of fellow snowboarders to help us shovel, pat down and shape a two-hit line. Relying on a combination of gravity and a Banshee Bungee for speed we sessioned the features until the sun went down (and for a while after too).

Still, we weren’t quite satisfied. After a little exploring we tracked down the local skatepark and scaled the fence to check it out. Ten minutes later and we were back on our snowboards taking it in turns to launch into a snow covered quaterpipe. Some of us aired out of it, others stalled on the coping and all of us were beaming ear to ear at how much fun we’d managed to pack into just one day.

In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we came back the very next day after work and did it all again in true Work Hard Ride Nice style…

Photos thanks to Aivars Zarins; Words by Sam Oetiker

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