Malaria, Black Mamba & Mia…

I had just come back from Spain having probably had the best swell this summer. My girlfriend, Mia, had just finished her work in an awful lab. We were going to Ghana, the Gold Coast of Africa.

Ghana: that’s it. Waves: everyday. Wave-Height: min. 1,5 ft. max. 7 ft. Water temperature: consistent 24 °C. Hazards: Malaria.

We were going to Cape Three Points, the most southern Point of Ghana. The first days we found that the information I had collected over the last few months about surfing in Ghana was a little imprecise. 8.5 ft unorganized swell hitting on the beach made it un-surfable. So we had time to relax, read and walk the empty beaches. Still, enough time for me to get sick (thank you juice-man) and for Mia to contract Malaria (thank you Malaria for costing us €120). Being sick in a country like this makes you hate everything. First you hate the food, then you hate the smell, after this you start hating the people and the music they are playing and in the end you hate yourself for having the idea to travel to the country when France, Spain or Portugal are just around the corner. … but it sounds so good… nice waves, empty line ups and warm water. The water – don’t believe any websites when they tell you board shorts all the year round.

Anyway, travelling is never as the blogs or travel guides make out. The pictures never look like the places and don’t even try to look for videos of waves in Ghana. But maybe that’s good, maybe it has to be this way, so that everybody can tell their own stories, take their own pictures, and find their own waves.

We were getting better and so was the trip. Some of the information about Ghana was right – I was sitting in empty line-ups and the waves were perfect! Surfing Black Mamba, the famous Point at Busua for hours with only three other guys in the water is all you are looking for. The locals even make you feel local. If you are looking for surf in Ghana, maybe you won’t find diamonds but you will definitely find gold.

Words and Photos by Benedict Beirer

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