Homemade Hand Planes | WorkHardRideNice from Work Hard Ride Nice on Vimeo.

The dark winter evenings were preventing us from skating, and with a trip to the south of France on the horizon, we took a jigsaw to our old decks to try making hand planes. Minimal forward planning meant we experimented with shapes, spending a Saturday evening turning Thom’s bedroom into a makeshift, sawdust filled workshop.

The results, although not the most aesthetically elegant, are something we’re proud of. We packed the hand planes in our limited luggage with fins and wetsuits eating up valuable space, and before we knew it ,we were off to the Basque country. An afternoon spent in San Sebastian offered us the perfect conditions to try the hand planes out. A punishing beach break, allowing you to slot yourself neatly into a barrel before the wave swallowed you up and introduced you to the sand at speed.

I have never wanted to throw away an old deck, they are made out of really good quality ply, it always seemed too much of a waste. When you wear out the nose and tail there is still good wood sitting there, unused, right in the middle! This is a great way of allowing your boards to still be ridden and get you stoked even after their first incarnation!

Video by Glynn Phillips, Photography by Jonathan Barattini

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