A big part of surfing in the UK, for me, has been the journey to, from and between spots. Checking conditions, assessing, discussing, moving on, checking, discussing, repeating, and probably going back to the place you started. Hours spent on winding roads flanked by tall hedges. Occasionally, a seemingly featureless lay-by offers some respite and something to fuel you on those cold winter mornings. Sam Mellish has been documenting these establishments and their patrons in his book, Roadside Britain. Here are a few of Sam’s images, I hope they strike the same sentimental chord as they did with me.

“Roadside Britain by Sam Mellish shows the traditional and quintessential aspects of British trunk-roadside culture, with emphasis on location and environment, in a series of beautifully shot images from across the length and breadth of the UK. Depicting the people and places of a threatened livelihood, the images are by turns warm, nostalgic, quirky and melancholic, and have immediate appeal to anyone who has ever driven any distance along the country’s A and B roads”

For more info and pictures visit www.roadsidebritain.co.uk

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