Cold journey down south, hitching a ride on board S.A Agulhas II to the Antarctic ice shelf. Not just a jammie jolly, but also a bit of research into ocean dynamics during the harshest conditions that far south can feel. The polar regions are implicated as an area that are likely to change dramatically with rising global temperatures. Big focus on phytoplankton, microscopic critters who use carbon to photosynthesise, carbon that we emit – pretty big deal!

Mission on board:

What the hell is down there during winter? research at that time of year is almost non-existent…

Its role in how the ocean takes up carbon? big question….

Can I break world record of number of people singing along to my bad blues version of Michael Jackson at 59°S in cramped bar? I think I broke the record! but then again, I haven’t spent much time trying to find anybody else out there who might have done the same thing…. challenge, anyone?

Great news, I discovered that science and music are not mutually exclusive.

Words and Photos by Ffion Atkins

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